[Nintendo DS] Polarium

Full name0031 - Polarium
File size3.7MB
Genre Puzzle
Region Europe Europe , USA USA
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)

Polarium offers a whole new puzzle challenge and goes against the Tetris’s content. Instead of arranging blocks in a logical sequence to remove in a horizontal row, players have to draw to fill in the gaps with an active stylus. The gaps will be displayed in black, and they will turn white after you complete them. Each successfully deleted will bring a certain number of points, and the blocks with gaps to fill will continue to move from the top to the bottom of the screen.

Polarium’s basic mode is Challenge, this game offers 10 different levels, and you will complete a level after clearing 100 lines. The falling speed will increase gradually and create many different gaps. At that time, you have to observe and manipulate agility to complete the challenge. In addition, each level will end with the removal a pink row or blocks that are stacked and fill the playground. Besides, Challenge mode has also design with 2 sub-folders, Practice and High Scores. In which, Practice is similar to the Challenge, but it is limited in the number of completed levels. This game is suitable for beginners to get acquainted with the operations. As for High Scores, you will see the competition results of the three players with the highest score. Besides, you can also see the number of lines that they’ve successfully deleted.

The second mode is Puzzle, which removes all the squares during a drawing operation. This mode has 100 different puzzles, and each will bring up blocks of size and shape. Besides, players also participate in designing the square blocks with many unique shapes to share with other players. Along with 2 individual modes, you can also compete directly with other opponents in Versus mode. In addition, the main challenge is the ability to reflex quickly. Each successfully deleted line will be transferred to the opponent’s playground. Therefore, each player has to quickly fill the void to create pressure on the opponent and make them give up.

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