[Nintendo DS] Project Rub

Project Rub
Full name0021 - Project Rub
File size12.4MB
Genre Puzzle
Region Europe Europe
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)

Project Rub has a diverse number of mini-games to explore. The goal is to help the main character make a good impression on the girl. The story begins with the event when he meets a beautiful girl on the street and falls in love with her. However, she doesn’t care and doesn’t have feelings for him. At that time, he got the group’s help, Rub Rubits, they will give suggestions or plans to approach the girl. Along with having to create gestures and sharing to seduce a girl, you also have to face another competitor. This opponent has a good mind along with the many expensive devices, he will use many different plans to rob the girl.

Project Rub offers three game modes, including Story mode, Memories, and Maniac. Discover Story mode, you will conquer girls in a fixed sequence with three challenging levels as Normal, Hard, and Hell. Each will correspond to a mini-game, you have to complete them with the best achievements to make a good impression on the girl. A completed mini-game will bring a fixed number of points to load into a heart-shaped energy bar (this energy bar displays the girl’s interest and affection). In Memories, you can explore the Story mode in a relaxed way and do not have to follow a sequence. Complete each challenge is to help you collect more stars. From there, you will unlock a diverse outfit system to give to the girl. Finally, the Maniac mode allows you to use the collected clothes to dress up the girl. With this feature, you are free to create many different fashion styles, depending on personal preferences. The challenges will show on the lower screen of the device, and you will use the active stylus to control the actions. Besides, the game also provides a voice-recognition system to use and talk to the girl. The challenge is done through the voice recognition system, which is simple but requires the player to have a better focus.

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