[Nintendo DS] Puyo Pop Fever

Puyo Pop Fever
Full name0072 - Puyo Pop Fever
File size21.7MB
Genre Puzzle
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)

Puyo Pop Fever is the fifth version of the Puyo Pop series which is the second version by Sonic Team (previous versions by Compile).


The story begins with Ms. Accord announces the loss of the Flying Cane. As a result, all students in Primp Magic School receive an offer from Ms. Accords, who find the stick will receive a valuable reward. Since then, various students search for the stick, and you can control two different characters to complete this task. They include Raffine and Amitie. In which, the challenge system is more complicated than Amitie. Also, at the final stage to find a magic wand. You receive interesting news that Ms. Accord does not lose the flying staff. However, Raffine is knocked unconscious and lost his memory before notifying this to his friends (the culprit was Ms. Accord).

How to Play

With a puzzle element, Puyo Pop Fever brings a 6×12 playground to explore, and you still participate in competition with others in the match 1 vs 1. On the playground, the balls colors (puyo) will fall from the top of the screen. You have to arrange the balls in a logical process to remove them. It will explode when they have the same color and arrange side by side with the number of three puyo or more. The goal is to quickly puyo logically to clear the playground and achieve high scores. Besides, the destroyed puyo will be moved to the trash and no longer have color. After that, they are pushed into the opponent’s playground. Moreover, they only destroy the colorless other by activating a series of explosions with the color other. In addition, a game stops when the player’s playground is filled by puyos.

About game modes

Besides, this game has three modes as Single Puyo Pop, Everybody Puyo Pop, and Endless Puyo Pop. Discover Single Puyo Pop, you will participate in matches with the CPU. Before starting, you have the choice to control Raffine or Amitie. To experience with friends and participate in multiplayer matches, Everybody Puyo Pop allows 2 to 8 players to find the winner. Endless Puyo Pop also brings a single-player challenge, but it has special missions, and players have to complete according to the requirements.

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