[Nintendo DS] Rayman DS

Rayman DS
Full name0047 - Rayman DS
File size13.6MB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)

Rayman is a franchise of platform video games, published by Ubisoft. Since the release of the original Rayman, conceived by Michel Ancel in 1995


Not much here. The elections, which apparently keep the world on order, have been scattered worldwide by some bad guy-type-person. Then animals started mutating or something, and they captured as many elections as they could. It is up to Rayman to save the elections.


The gameplay is spot on. It has very few special abilities, which is good because it doesn’t over-complicate the controls. However, the abilities there are exceedingly imaginative, such as holding little flying Os and swing from them. Also, some levels have to be revisited to collect more cages with their abilities is very clever. However, it can get quite irritating when you visit the same level 50 times for 1 cage. Also, some levels are very hard to beat without being very lucky or even cheating. Another great thing is that there are very few cheats, and cheats are hard to do, so it is not a case of burn through the game with tons of activated cheats.

There will be a tricky spot. Then it is easy. Then there will be another tricky spot. It was like that for the whole game, which is because it is aimed at children. The later levels do get kind of hard, though. The control is set up pretty well, and it is fairly easy to get used to. As you progress through the game, Rayman will learn special moves to help him in his quest. Because you learn them one at a time, you get pretty good at using the new move before learning the next.

There are quite a few levels in this game. To get 100%, you have to find all six election cages in each level. This wouldn’t be too bad if you could get all of the cages the first time you get to the level. But it would help if you had some of Rayman’s special moves to get to some of them. So every time you learn a new move, you have to go back to all of the levels you already beat so you can get the cages that you missed.

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