[Nintendo DS] Resident Evil – Deadly Silence

Resident Evil – Deadly Silence
Full name0314 - Resident Evil - Deadly Silence
File size93.6MB
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)

Resident Evil is a survival horror video game developed and released by Capcom originally for the PlayStation and other platforms.


The story hasn’t been changed from the original at all. You are a part of the STARS Alpha Team, and you and the rest of the team are out in search of the fallen helicopter of the STARS Bravo Team. When you find it, no one is there. But their equipment is all there. As you start searching for the team, you get attacked by strange dogs and run into a mansion for cover. Unfortunately for you, this mansion is where the dogs are coming from. It is up to you to locate the disappearing team members, discover what is causing this madness, and escape the mansion alive.


Who doesn’t love the classic, clunky controls of RE? A ton of other people. As many other people have said, you control the characters like a tank. It’s not as bad as they make it seem, but it’s definitely outdated, too…The other annoying aspect of this game is the camera, which switches perspectives when you move out of the current camera’s perspective. This keeps you from seeing certain enemies, allowing for cheap hits by zombies, hunters, zombie dogs, and the other enemies.

Aside from the annoying aspects of this game, the good ones are pretty good. It’s fairly easy to shoot zombies and other enemies. You have to use logic to solve the puzzles, which aren’t very hard. (After playing through Twilight Princess and not using any FAQs or having any help of any kind, the puzzles in RE are fundamental). There are some pretty decent boss fights too, and the weapons, which include a handgun, your not-so-trusty knife, a shotgun, and a grenade launcher, along with an unlockable Rocket Launcher, aren’t all that bad.

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