[Nintendo DS] Robots

Full name0024 - Robots
File size20.0MB
Genre Action , Racing
Region Europe Europe
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)

Robots (2005) was available by Eurocom and Griptonite Games following an animated film of the same name. The game was released by Vivendi Universal Games with exciting scene-taking challenges. In the game, you can explore three characters, including Rodney Copperbottom (main character), Wonderbot (a Rodney’s friend) and Bigweld (the inventor that Rodney admires). In which, almost challenges will be completed by Rodney, and you can only control the others in certain areas. For example, you control Bigweld during missions to chase or escape from enemies.

The Plot

Similar to the movie’s plot, Rodney left the town where he lived and grew up to go to Robot City. His goal was to seek Bigweld’s help to recreate the equipment for the old robots. However, Rodney did not meet his idol at his factory. In addition, he discovered an evil plan by Phineas T. Ratchet (the company’s temporary manager during Bigweld’s absence). Therefore, Rodney and his friends went to Bigweld’s house to inform of Ratchet’s evil (producing new robots by destroying old and using as production materials). From there, Bigweld and Rodney teamed up to destroy Ratchet’s crazy plan.


Robots (2005) brings many different stages, and each will provide a separate map system to conquer. When controlling Rodney, you will have a wrench to make melee weapons and destroy the dangers along the way. Besides, the main character also has the ability to collect drawings and many different machine parts (scrap) to create a complete product. In addition to a wrench, you can also use many different types of weapons (through collecting drawings to make them). Along with collecting scrap to make items, you can also use them to make transactions at the store (each will help you have a new item). Accompanying Rodney is Wonderbot, this small robot has to help Rodney access new areas (areas difficult to access with normal movements. ). In addition, you can also use Wonderbot to scout the road ahead.

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