[Nintendo DS] Sonic Rush

Sonic Rush
Full name0177 - Sonic Rush
File size26.3MB
Genre Action , Sports
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)

Sonic Rush is a platform video game developed by Sonic Team in 2005 and Dimps for the Nintendo DS as part of Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog series.


the story, for the most part, compelling. It’s the same old story as most Sonic: Robotnik games want Chaos Emeralds to dominate the world. It just got a six instead of a 5 for adding dimension it all adds a bit of excitement for a garment. It does produce some unnecessary spacious talk scenes. I will admit that this story is not that important for a game, mainly the gameplay that matters, leading up to the review’s sequel.


As noted above, unlike the Advance games, it feels like a tear with additions to the old Sonic games, which feels like a remake of the old mechanics. It is the same. You run from left to right to try not to get killed. Even so, the enemy is positioned very nicely, forcing you to make good use of your tension gauge. The obstacles are also creative enough for you to work to achieve your goal, but it’s not annoying and it doesn’t really slow you down much. Boss fights are creative and fun, but two factors prevent this from reaching 10. First, one of the boss fights is repeated with a few new attacks that are not very creative. The game should have more to do with it. Having a short story mode is fine, but nothing you can do than get the eme is not too hard to do.


The controls are quite simple. You run, and you jump. Of course, you can make some other moves with Sonic and Blaze, but that’s basically how it’s played. Easy and simple. The bonus stages for getting Chaos Emeralds are the same as the half-tube stages of Sonic 2 except you control Sonic with the stylus. As long as you follow the order of the locations, it will be easy for you to get used to it and it works very nicely. It’s something that the touchscreen gets used to but at least when used it is okay. So all in all, the controls are fine, almost perfect, though sometimes the rotating dash doesn’t seem as significant anymore.

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