[Nintendo DS] Space Invaders Revolution

Space Invaders Revolution
Full nameSpace Invaders Revolution
File size4.2MB
Genre Action , Shooter
Region Europe Europe , USA USA
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)

Space Invaders Revolution is an entertainment game which was available by Marvelous Entertainment in 2005. In the vast galaxy, asteroid wars are taking place. The invasion revolution in space was directed by the Mastiff. Many difficulties and dangers that Mastiff faced, was recreated through the missions in the game.

The Gameplay

Basically, the player will control the Mastiff through many stages. He uses a military plane with machine guns and missiles to take down the enemy. In the first stage, the Mastiff is taken to an ancient temple in India. Here, he fights many enemies to continue the journey. They fight in the air for a set amount of time. By moving left or right, the Mastiff will evade attacks from enemies and counterattack their fighters. The enemy’s plane was destroyed after being hit by a rocket or three Mastiff bullets.

After all, enemies have been defeated, he escapes from Earth and flies into the universe. The enemies are the most advanced aerial fighters of aliens. They shoot different types of bullets. Flexible movement is the most important factor to win each match. The mastiff receives a bounty after he defeats an enemy. He uses it to upgrade and to unlock more warheads.

Many different goals to conquer

Mastiff goes to the dark planet in the next stage. Here, he can lose his life due to the automatic catapults’ power. Laser guns will be effective in this phase. He moves and completes 20 different goals in each stage. The mastiff collects protective armor in several stages. When using armor, their fighters will not be destroyed by the attack, and the task is completed quickly. In the end, the player comes to a secret cave where alien monsters appear. They contain clues which lead to the hiding place of the alien leader. The final battle takes place at a special base. The warriors and the most powerful weapons are put into battle. Armor and warheads will sell in stores to give Mastiff the best preparation before the battle begins. The Mastiff’s mission will complete when the last boss is destroyed, and he returns to his land safely.

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