[Nintendo DS] Spider-Man – Shattered Dimensions

Spider-Man – Shattered Dimensions
Full nameSpider-Man - Shattered Dimensions
File size38M
Genre Action , Adventure
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)

If you love superhero movies, you definitely know and love the Spiderman-style character in superhero movies as well as in the games. In this article, we would like to introduce to you a great game in this theme, which is Spider-Man – Shattered Dimensions.

It is a fantasy action game released by Activision in 2010. In which, the protagonist is Spider-Man, a hero with the ability to create spider silk to move and fight. Spider-Man appears with four different shapes, each of which possesses a special skill. He has the task of finding the Tablet of Order and Chaos, the city’s treasure. However, this treasure has been broken into many pieces, which are in the hands of the villains. Players will accompany Spider-Man to many locations for searching for the broken pieces and complete the assigned task.

Spider-Man – Shattered Dimensions builds familiar characters in Marvel comics. The greatest success of the game comes from beautiful 3D graphics. Regardless of ages, players can feel the beautiful design in the journey of Spider-Man. The attraction of Spider-Man – Shattered Dimensions is not only in graphics but also in the dramatic sound system. It is very lively.

About the gameplay, players control Spider-Man through 14 levels with increasing difficulty. He uses superpowers to go to many secret locations in the city. In the first level, Spider-Man is present in the city center. Many gangsters will block his way that Spider-Man has to defeat them and collect many bonuses. This bonus was used to buy costumes at the store. At the end of the first level, Spider-Man fights the boss and regains fragments of the treasure. With flexible skills, he can quickly destroy the boss and go to the next level.

Moreover, you can change Spider-Man’s appearance at will. The game advises players to choose the shape as suggested to promote their full potential. In which, Spider-Man Noir puts him in invisibility, which will give him the advantage of attacking enemies. Using Spider-Man Noir properly helps him to defeat the boss at the end of the stages easily. Spider-Man 2099 is provided with an advanced futuristic outfit capable of tumbling and slowing opponents. Ultimate Spider-Man and Amazing Spider-Man give him great strength but require the player’s quick reflexes. When gamers collect enough eight fragments, Spider-Man can place the treasure in the center of the city.

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