[Nintendo DS] The Urbz – Sims In The City

The Urbz – Sims In The City
Full name0268 - Urbz - Sims In The City, The
File size24.1MB
Genre Simulation
Region Japan Japan
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)

The Sims is a series of games famous for simulating human life in many different situations. Besides the PC versions, some versions are also available on handheld devices. In which, the Nintendo DS is a popular device, and The Urbz: Sims in the City receives the best reviews on this platform. The content will focus on your life in the Miniopolis city. Besides creating a prosperous and happy life, you also have to take part in the challenge to protect the city from a villain’s plot to rule the city (by causing murder).

At the beginning, you participate in the character design according to personal preferences. The character design brings four main folders to customize. The first directory allows you to name your character. The others will help you customize the character’s appearance (including Skin Tone, Hair Style and Hair Color). Next, the player has many sub-folders to choose costumes that suit the character (Shoes, Pant, Shirt …).

Completing the character design process, a question will have four different answers to choose from. Each will correspond to a different group that is living in Miniopolis. They include The Streeties, The Richies, The Nerdies and The Artsies. In which, each will have a separate ideology and lifestyle. The Richies’ lifestyle will contrast The Streeties, while The Nerdies disagree with the Artsies’s ideology. In addition to opposing ideas, each group has a different leader. The Richies leader is Luthor L. Bigbucks, The Nerdies is Polly Nomial, The Streeties is Darius and the most influential person in The Artsies is Carnie. After that, you will start by completing the challenges to maintain life in that group. With the simulation element, you will get life like in real life. You have to work to earn income and pay for life. Besides, you have to build many different social relationships to get a bustling life. In addition, you have to have a healthy lifestyle (work in accordance with health, entertainment and rest with reasonable time …).

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