[Nintendo DS] WarioWare – Touched!

WarioWare – Touched!
Full name0005 - WarioWare - Touched!
File size14.8MB
Genre Action , Racing , Sports
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)

WarioWare: Touched! is a minigame compilation party video game released by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS.


Every character has his/her own story. They’re pretty strange. Wario starts out eating a lot as usual. Soon, his teeth start to rot. That’s when he gets on his motorcycle and races to the Mr.Payne. (The dentist) Mr.Payne fixes up his teeth and leaves. That’s when you start doing the microgames. Some of the storylines are pretty funny. If you don’t like watching the storyline and you won’t just go straight to the microgames you can just tap skip with your stylus.


All you do is play microgames and with toys. Microgames are just sort of like minigames. This game is a whole bunch of microgames in one cartridge. It’s pretty fun. You never know what you’ll do next. You might be unrolling a roll of toilet paper or erasing a chalkboard. As you progress you have to complete the microgames a little bit faster, making this game very intense. Since there is a speaker you will have to play some of the microgames by blowing into the microphone.

It’s a pretty random game. There are a bunch of toys in this game. There are toys like a piano, A parrot that will repeat what you say, or a record player. Some of these toys can help you with everyday life! There is a calculator that you can use, a cooking timer, and the piano could help you learn how to play. This game can be helpful and fun at the same time.


The game is called WarioWare: Touched. All you have to do is use the stylus and use the touch screen. At the top, it will tell you what to do. It might say scribble or erase. You also have to blow sometimes. It’s great that this game has a microphone function. You don’t really need to think about the controls for this game. Every character has his/her own kind of control. Like on Jimmy T.’s microgames, you have to rub everything. They pretty much explain what to do on the top of the screen every time you play a microgame.

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