[Nintendo DS] Zoo Keeper

Zoo Keeper
Full name0069 - Zoo Keeper
File size1.7MB
Genre Puzzle
Region Japan Japan
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)

Zoo Keeper (2003) offers interesting puzzle challenges with an interesting topic. In the game, you will become a zoo employee and collect different animals according to certain requirements. Your goal is to arrange the square blocks (the animal’s image) in horizontal or vertical rows with the number of 3 or more pieces. To do this, you will have a mouse pointer to move on the playground and arrange the square blocks in order. Each correct will help you remove three or four square blocks (collect the required number of animals).

The game modes

Zoo Keeper (2003) offers 4 game modes, including Tokoton, Zoo Keeper, Time Attack and Quest. In Tokoton, you have to collect 100 animals to complete a level, and each will require collecting a different animal species (100 elephants, 100 crocodiles …). In Zoo Keeper, you also discover puzzle challenges on each individual level. In which, each will require collecting a number of different animals. They will increase gradually, and the time to complete will be reduced. This means that the higher the level is, the less time it will take to complete, and you have to have quick control actions. Time Attack is an addictive mode, it gives players a certain amount of time (6 minutes). In the allowed time, you have to collect the required number and types of animals. The goal is to collect a variety of animals in the shortest time to achieve high scores. Finally, the Quest has 10 different stages to challenge the player’s visibility. Each will set a fixed goal, and you have to accomplish them within a limited time. For example, the first stage requires that you collect 20 lions and limit the animals’s collection. The second offers to collect 15 pandas or 15 giraffes.

Before exploring the modes, players can adjust the difficulty with 3 levels (Easy, Normal, and Hard) in the Options folder. Each will give different edits in-game modes. For example, the Hard level will provide complex playgrounds and blocks arranged in chaos to challenge their visibility. At that time, you have to watch quickly to arrange the blocks in a logical order and complete before the countdown timer stops working.

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