[Nintendo Wii] Animal Crossing- City Folk

Animal Crossing- City Folk
Full nameAnimal Crossing- City Folk
File size305.9MB
Genre Simulation
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo Wii

Animal Crossing: City Folk is a simulation game released by Nintendo in 2008. The game targets the entertainment needs of the player through social activities. In the game, players can do many jobs in the city, such as taking care of plants and animals. The game creates interests thanks to its diverse activities and practical events. Besides, your tasks are very simple but still create their unique attractions. In which players live and work on their beautiful farms. They will feel the growth of creatures over time. With realistic graphics and vivid sound, the game receives positive reviews from players and is one of the best-selling games in the world.

The gameplay

In Animal Crossing: City Folk, players play the role of a farmer in the city. You have to take care of plants and animals. The game will provide you with many tools to complete the work, such as axes, watering cans, slingshots, nets and fishing rods. Initially, gamers have a small farm with 6 animals and plants. By taking care of them like watering plants and feeding the animals, they will expand the land and gain more experience points for leveling up. Once the experience points are enough, the player can upgrade the number of creatures on the farm to 12. After raising them for a while, you can sell their harvested produce, such as fruits and eggs, for receiving money and rewards.

Besides, the game allows players to buy land and develop it themselves when they collect enough money. Also, they can freely decorate and arrange the plants and animals on the farm. Some activities provide additional income for players such as opening fishing venues, opening galleries and allowing people to visit. This helps gamers promote the farm and sell more products.

In addition to taking care of creatures on the farm, players can also participate in famous festivals in the city such as Christmas, Halloween, Mother Day and Father Day. They receive a lot of experience points and decorative items during and after each event. Also, the ceremony is where players can introduce their farm products to people throughout the city. They will use the device’s microphone directly to control the character’s activities during events.

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