[Nintendo Wii] Anubis II

Anubis II
Full nameAnubis II
File size210.5MB
Genre Action , Platform
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo Wii

Anubis II is an addictive adventure game with a lovely visual system from the developer Data Design Interactive for the Nintendo Wii platform. On September 21, 2007, it was available in the European market. As for the North American market, it was released by Conspiracy Entertainment on September 25, 2007. Besides, the game follows the unique culture of Egypt. Join the game, players will control the famous god Anubis, who was the ruler of hell in the culture of ancient Egypt.

The gameplay

In Anubis II, players will control Anubis and explore 3D environments with a variety of obstacles on the way. The context of the game is built according to ancient Egypt with the peninsulas in the desert. In the game, your task is to collect pyramids to unlock new levels. Anubis II has different levels, each of which has a unique map. The pyramids will be hidden in different locations, and the player must constantly move to search for them. Also, the map has many paths. Therefore, players must have good concentration and observation during the move to avoid moving back and forth on the same road.

Besides choosing the right paths, players also face many pitfalls or enemies. As for the traps, the player must move skillfully to overcome them. To destroy enemies, players can use the Scepter that Anubis always holds to attack them. In addition to the main tasks, the game also offers some interesting challenges. During the additional challenges, players control Anubis with a top-down view and time limit to complete the challenge. In particular, additional challenges are opportunities for players to improve their scores and achievements. Besides, the playing field of the extra challenge will remain in a limited area, in which players must avoid the enemies and collect rewards.

The visual

In Anubis II, instead of bringing scary images of a dark god who dominates hell, the developer has brought good images that make gamers easier to see. Anubis was built with a lovely appearance, but the costume is still in the image of an Egyptian god.

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