[Nintendo Wii] Avatar – The Last Airbender

Avatar – The Last Airbender
Full nameAvatar - The Last Airbender
File size949.4MB
Genre Action , Adventure
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo Wii

Avatar: The Last Airbender is an interesting adventure game released by THQ in 2006. The game was developed according to the animated film of the same name with the main characters Aang, Katara, Sokka and Haru. They are the heroes of many different lands and meet each other at the festival. Hero groups go to many places to chase away enemies and bring peaceful lives to everyone. When they passed the North Pole, Aang received a report of a case at sea. He quickly came up with the perfect plan to find his way to the suspicious point with his friends. During the journey, he discovered Hiryu, his friend who was missing by mysterious forces.

The gameplay

In the game, players receive the task of controlling Aang and his friends in finding the clues. He is equipped with a long stick to attack enemies. The people call Aang as the Avatar’s soul with special abilities. He began his quest on an island containing a lot of snow and ice. Players will observe the amount of blood and energy of Aang to ensure safety during the journey. He followed the directions of the map and fought the wolves and bears along the way. Besides, Aang has to gather experience points, armor and many valuable items. Your characters are displayed on the screen, such as level, defense, attack point and movement speed. With full useful items, it will increase Aang’s strength and stamina. Moreover, the blood and energy that Aang also increases when he reaches a certain level.

After talking with Zuko, Aang arrived at a cave on the icy island. His challenge became more difficult because he had to fight fierce wild wolves. If Aang died while fighting them, he would have to replay that stage and lose many experience points. After winning the enemy, Aang will receive many Copper points and valuable items. In addition to the dangers of his enemies, Aang had to dodge terrain cracks. He met a magic bird with a memory of the case he was investigating. Following the bird’s instructions, Aang went to the capital and found the store. At the store, you can use Copper points to buy a magic potion. Aang continued to search for Hiryu’s place in the castle. The game ends when the castle is destroyed, and Aang successfully rescues his friend.

Boss fight

Unlike other action-adventure games, players will not encounter bosses at the end of each area. Short videos of the conversation between Aang and the other characters provide enough information about suspicious places. The color of snow and ice covering the game space creates a new feeling for players. With great graphics and a diverse mission system, players will be more exciting to learn and the game content and conquer challenges.

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