[Nintendo Wii] Babysitting Mama

Babysitting Mama
Full nameBabysitting Mama
File size1.8GB
Genre Simulation
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo Wii

Babysitting Mama is a great simulation game, which is the third side game developed based on the Cooking Mama series. The first two sections are Crafting Mama and Mama Gardening. As the name of the game, the player’s goal is to complete baby care tasks. In which, the game will bring six different babies to care for, each of which will appear at a different stage. Note, you can only meet new babies after completing the previous tasks.

The characters

The six babies are Yuto, Emma, ​​Daniel, Lucy, William and Koyuki. In it, Yuto will appear first. Emma is the most difficult girl to take care of in five children because she is often fussy. So, the player must have the patience to take care of her. Next is Daniel, a boy with very cute blonde hair. Unlike Daniel, Lucy has a unique haircut. This baby’s hair is black and orange on the top of the head. William is a boy with dark skin. Finally, it is Koyuki from Japan.

The gameplay

The way to take care of babies will be in a book. Six babies will correspond to six different books, each of which will set different goals for you to do. You have to remember that each book will have six pages. Each page will correspond to a specific challenge for you to complete. From there, the number of challenges is 36. Besides, the tasks are in a fixed sequence. After completing the page, the player will unlock the other. When you finish all the available challenges, you can participate in exploring mini-games. They allow players to discover randomly without having to follow a sequence.

After completing each baby care challenge, the player will receive the medal of honor. There are three types of medals, which will correspond to the player’s performance. With the gold medal, players will receive it after completing the challenge with the best performance (making the baby happy). The second type of medal is the silver medal, which you can receive when you finish a task with normal performance and does not cause discomfort to the child. Finally, it is a bronze medal. You can receive it when you do not complete the job well and cause a lot of messy images. The child may harass or cry continuously.

The visual

In addition to the gentle content, the game’s graphics also received good reviews. Also, the image details and characters are designed in a chibi style. With this visual style, everyone will enjoy the comfort and fun during the game.

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