[Nintendo Wii] Back To The Future- The Game

Back To The Future- The Game
Full nameBack To The Future- The Game
File size1.0GB
Genre Adventure
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo Wii

Back to the Future: The Game is a great game from Telltale Games developer. It was developed based on the popular film series Back to the Future from the producer Universal Pictures. Besides, the game was made with the help of Bob Gale, author of three films. This game is available on the Nintendo Wii for two regions, including North America and Europe. The content of the game still revolves around two main characters, Marty McFly and Doc Brown. They were in the journey of exploring time travel. In the game, you will control Marty from a third perspective in 3D. You will have to participate in talking with the NPC and selecting different conversations for creating conversations or looking for the required items.

The story

The challenges begin with the content in the first film of the series Back to the Future. In which, Marty had to move to different areas to accomplish the goals. A target system will be provided in each stage for you to do. In addition to completing the required objectives, the player must also participate in answering a certain number of puzzles by gathering a lot of information.

The gameplay

In the game, players will conquer the challenges in a certain order. Each stage of the game will take the character to a different area. In these areas, players will have to meet many characters, and join them to complete the tasks, move a certain location to search for objects or suggestions. During the item collecting challenges, Marty will be preparing an inventory to store items. The collected things will be used at different times. For example, you can use some items at the beginning of the game but cannot use them in the middle stages. Therefore, players need to manage and arrange the items in a reasonable manner. However, the context will constantly be changing in the game. So, you must pay close attention to and recognize the change in the environment around the character. To go on and explore many exciting stories of the game, players need to have a good concentration to complete the challenges at each stage. If you fail, you may get stuck in the current area.

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