[Nintendo Wii] Barnyard

Full nameBarnyard
File size1.0GB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo Wii

Barnyard is an interesting adventure game, which allows players to control many different characters to explore life on the farm. It is inspired by the animated film of the same name. Barnyard was developed by Blue Tongue Entertainment, and THQ released on the Nintendo Wii platform on November 19, 2006. The game provides you many unique features. With 3D images, the animals will stand and move on two legs. Also, they have the same language as humans. From there, everyone will enjoy lovely images of a peaceful life.

The story and gameplay

Barnyard has nine different story chapters for players to explore. In each episode, the player controls a specific character to complete the tasks. Besides, the number of challenges for each section will be different, depending on the character you are using. As the content of the movie, the game will take place stage by stage. In which, the number of characters will also change. When the player explores until the middle stages, the character of the beginning stage may be removed. Besides, the game also brings many new characters for players to choose from.

In addition, the challenges of the game are designed as mini-games, and each challenge will set unique targets for you to complete. The number of challenges will be different. So you can perform these tasks at different times of the day. Some tasks will require you to play during the day (before dark), or some other tasks should be done at night (before morning). Also, each mission has a limited time for players to perform. After the required time, the quest will be stopped, and the player will not receive the corresponding rewards. Note, the difficulty of the mini-games will increase gradually in stages. Therefore, players need to have good thinking ability to complete the tasks the fastest.

The visual

With a clearly differentiated time system, the context of the game is also changing over time. In the daytime, players will feel a farm is a boring place, focusing only on finding resources for cooking or doing simple challenges. As for the night scene, the animals will be bustling. The animals can organize attractive parties.

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