[Nintendo Wii] Battle Of Giants – Dinosaurs Strike

Battle Of Giants – Dinosaurs Strike
Full nameBattle Of Giants - Dinosaurs Strike
File size824.9MB
Genre Action , Adventure
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo Wii

With the context of the prehistoric world and engaging fighting content, Battle of Giants: Dinosaurs Strike is definitely a great game in the gaming market. It brings many exciting battles for you to enjoy. Please join us to check it right now!

The gameplay

In Battle of Giants: Dinosaurs Strike, people will discover and control many types of dinosaurs as well as participate in many interesting competitions. Besides, the game also allows players to customize to create a unique dinosaur. At the beginning of the game, players will be given a certain number of dinosaurs. From there, you have to pick a dinosaur to use. After that, there will be four folders for players to customize the appearance of the dinosaur, including Stripes, Stripes Color, Upper Body and Lower Body.

The game mode

Battle of Giants: Dinosaurs Strike has two main game modes, including Versus and Domination. In which, Domination is an interesting game mode according to a small tournament. After selecting the type of dinosaur, players will compete in 12 rounds. Each will be held in different environments and opponents. Besides, the difficulty of each match will increase. In the final rounds, you will encounter the strongest opponent, which has the most dangerous fighting skills. Similar to many fighting games, each type of dinosaur is also designed with unique special skills. In particular, completing a match with good achievements will help players receive bonus points to upgrade the strength of the character. There will be three technical indicators for players to upgrade, including Damage, Health and Strike. After each upgrade process, the character’s appearance will be changed and features beautiful images.

In the Versus mode, players can play random matches with another player. These matches often have simple goals, and people can choose their favorite creatures to use. As with other fighting challenges, a match of the game will take place with three rounds. In which, gamers need to win in two rounds for finishing the game.

The visual

In addition to the fascinating battles among powerful dinosaurs, the developer also prepares beautiful arenas with separate environments for players to enjoy. There are three types of environments, including hills, deserts and rainforests. Besides, players also explore four types of natural disasters during combat. For example, you will fight in hilly areas and the corresponding types of a disaster like volcanic or earthquake.

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