[Nintendo Wii] Battleship

Full nameBattleship
File size83.4MB
Genre Action , Shooter , Turn Based Tactics
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo Wii

Battleship (2012) is a great strategy game (TBS), which was inspired by the US film of the same name. It was developed by Magic Pockets for the Wii platform. The game was released by Activision in Europe on April 20, 2012 and North America on May 15, 2012. Similar to the content of the movie, the game will bring a battle between humans and alien invaders. In which, the player will become the commander of a navy army, whose task of leading the soldiers to fight against aliens. The version of the Wii platform has a Turn-based strategy (TBS) content that is completely different from the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 platforms from Double Helix Games, which is featuring FPS shooting content.

The gameplay

Besides, players will compete in a turn-based format, and the battle map is displayed as a grid map. In each round, players will have to move their warships to different positions. Also, players can choose to attack or defend. The turn-based gameplay will not be simple, and the player must have many clever calculations to defeat the enemy. In addition, each warship has limited fuel and weapons. From there, players must have a good focus to capture the battlefield and ensure the good condition for their battleships to work properly.

In addition to having to have reasonable battle plans, players also have the task of upgrading the battleship or producing new battleships to use. In particular, each battleship will have different attributes such as attack ability, defense, vision and speed. Upgrading the battleship will help you gain better attack ability, move quickly to join the battle or have a good defense system. There are many types of battleships for you to choose from, such as Repair Boat, Destroyer, Aircraft Carrier, Nuclear sub, Heavy Cruiser…

The visual

With a strategic element, the graphics of the game are designed to be relatively easy to see. Players will control their force with the top-down view anngle. The main battle field is at sea. In addition, the context of the game will appear different islands. At some battle stages, the game will provide players with short videos for the fight reviews and instruction.

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