[Nintendo Wii] Bayblade – Metal Fusion – Battle Fortress

Bayblade – Metal Fusion – Battle Fortress
Full nameBayblade - Metal Fusion - Battle Fortress
File size224.6MB
Genre Action , Adventure
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo Wii

Bayblade: Metal Fusion is a famous Japanese anime, which brings exciting battles between special spins. Each of them has different supernatural powers. Based on this unique anime, Hudson developed a great action game named Bayblade: Metal Fusion – Battle Fortress. They released it on the Nintendo Wii in Japan on November 19, 2009, in the North American market on November 9, 2010. In particular, this game is the first version of the Bayblade games on Nintendo Wii.

The game mode and gameplay

In addition, the game has the content of the anime. It has Story Mode for players to explore. In this mode, players control Gingka Hagane and participate in the mission of collecting Storm Pegasus parts. The story of the game began when Gingka was sucked into a fortress that could fly in the air. The Bayblade was dismantled into various parts, and Gingka had to explore different parts of the fortress and find the stolen parts. During the process of collecting parts, you also learn the owner of this unique castle named Hellbeyd. He is the main antagonist of the game.

Besides the challenges of Story Mode, Bayblade: Metal Fusion – Battle Fortress also offers a multiplayer mode and survival mode. In the multiplayer mode (Battle Mode), there will be four players participating in the competition. Everyone can join in CPU battles in team challenges or directly compete with each other. As for survival challenges, players need to try to survive as long as possible and defeat all enemies appearing on the battlefield for great achievements.

The character collection

In addition to the main character, the game also brings many other ones and can be used in different game parts. In addition to the main character, there will be 13 characters, including Kenta, Kyoya, Ryuga, Benkei, Tsubasa, Hyoma, Doji, Tetsuya, Hajime, Hikaru, B-Killer and Rochi. In which, Rochi is a mysterious character. There is little information about this character. Along with a large number of characters, the game also offers 17 types of Bayblade for players to use, including a powerful Bayblade such as Dark Wolf DF145FS, Hellfire Delphis 145FS, Dark Gasher CH120SF, Iron Bearl WD145B …

The graphics

Regarding the visual system, the characters are still designed in the anime style. During the matches, the Bayblades game has beautiful lighting and attractive motion effects. They will make players more and more excited.

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