File size3.2GB
Genre Action , Adventure
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo Wii

Donkey Kong Country Returns is a great game, which was built with exciting scene challenges and a new visual system. This game is designed with 3D imaging system. In which, the movement of the character is still happening with the 2D environment. However, the characters and the details of the game have been built with 3D graphics, which helps bring more vivid images to enjoy. Besides, Donkey Kong Country Returns was developed by Retro Studios and was released by Nintendo on November 21, 2010.


In this version, players will meet a new character called Tikis. They are new characters, which used to play the villain and replace Kremlings from the original version. Besides the appearance of Donkey Kong, the game also brings two other family members, Cranky Kong and Diddy Kong. The story began with the appearance of a group of strange creatures. They are called Tiki Tak Tribe. After an earthquake, they woke up. Then, they used music to hypnotize the island’s animals to steal the bananas from the Kong family. To get back the bananas, Diddy Kong and Donkey Kong will have to cross many different areas. At the end of each area, they will have to face a member of Tiki Tak Tribe. Also, you have to fight Tiki Tong – the leader of Tiki Tak (also known as King Tiki Tong), at the final battle to end the game.

Game modes

Donkey Kong Country Returns has two game modes, including two players and single-player. In the single-player, the player will control Donkey, and Diddy will sit on his back. In the two-player challenge, the second player will be using Diddy to assist Donkey in completing the stages. Besides, both Diddy and Donkey can stomp the ground to create tremors, eliminate enemies on the way, or open secret items. Similar to the previous versions, players have to collect bananas and eliminate enemies along the way to receive bonus points. Besides, players must move skillfully to overcome gaps and traps in each level. The game will provide you with the Life when you collect enough the required number of bananas or combining the collected words into the phrase K.O.N.G. There are eight worlds for you to conquer, including the Beach, the Forest, the Jungle, the Factory, the Ruins, the Cliff, the Jungle and the Volcano.

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