[Nintendo Wii] Mario Party 9

Mario Party 9
Full nameMario Party 9
File size1.0GB
Genre Misc
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo Wii

Mario Party 9 is the ninth version of the Mario Party series. It is the last version of this series to be released on the Nintendo Wii platform. From the 10th edition (Mario Party 10), this game series was released on Wii U. Party 9 was first introduced at Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in 2011. Like previous versions, Mario Party 9 still offers single-player and multiplayer challenges. Also, the game still uses 3D graphics and is adding some new visual effects for players to enjoy.

The characters

In Mario Party 9, players will be able to use up to twelve characters. In it, there are 10 basic characters that you can use from the early stages of the game. These ten characters are Yoshi, Koopa Troopa, Princess Daisy, Waluigi, Mario, Blue Toad, Luigi, Birdo, Princess Daisy and Wario. The other two that need you to unlock, including Magikoopa and Shy Guy. Players will have to take part in the challenges of the single-player to unlock them.

The gameplay

The plot is about the journey of fight the evil plot of Bowser and Bowser Jr. These two villains used a spaceship to steal the stars and ruined the main star’s stargazing (10 available characters). To destroy the evil machine of Bowser and Bowser Jr., players will have to overcome six different stages. Each will have a battle with the boss. In particular, the first five stages can recognize an ally character to assist players in conquering the game. However, players can only move to the next game after defeating a boss at the end of each stage. In case the boss wins, the player will have to play again. The sixth stage will take you to Bowser’s space station, in which you have to fight him and free the stolen stars.

When exploring a stage, there will be two to four characters involved. In particular, the characters will move on the map with a car. Each time playing the dice, a character becomes the controller of the vehicle. Another difference of this version is that it does not require gamers to collect a lot of money to buy stars. Instead, players will directly collect the stars on the way. The person who accumulates the most stars will win at the end of the match. Besides, the mini-games will not appear based on where the player stops. They are only activated when people move to positions that have been prepared for any mini-game to compete.

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