[Nintendo Wii] Spider-Man – Edge Of Time

Spider-Man – Edge Of Time
Full nameSpider-Man - Edge Of Time
File size1.7GB
Genre Action , Beat Em Up
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo Wii

After Spider-Man: Shazed Dimensions was released in 2010, Beenox continued to develop a new adventure game inspired by Spider-Man characters. In this second part, the manufacturer brings unique content around time travel and allows players to explore many different versions of Spider-Man. This version is named Spider-Man: Edge of Time. It was released by Activision in 2011. Besides exploiting the multiverse element, the game also built a high-quality graphics system. In the game, the characters are well designed, from basic movement to combat skills.

The story

The plot of Spider-Man: Edge of Time is based on the original character Peter Parker and a future superhero, Miguel O’Hara (Spider-Man 2099). At the beginning of the game, players will enjoy the battle between Spider-Man (Peter Parker) and Anti-Venom. Next, Peter was defeated in this battle. After that, the game’s event timeline will continue at Spider-Man 2099. At a future point, Miguel O’Hara is investigating mysterious cases involving the Alchemax Group and their scientist, Walker Sloan. However, Miguel’s investigation leads to some unexpected circumstances. He discovered that Sloan was plotting a time travel to change the past and made him the boss of the Group.

In the process of approaching Sloan to prevent this crazy plan, Miguel was dragged inside the time machine and trapped in the timeline. At that time, he witnessed the death of Peter Parker, before being brought back to 2099. Back his reality, Miguel saw that New York was changed and turned into a bad place because of interference in Sloan’s timeline. To save his reality and Peter’s life, Miguel tried to use Peter’s DNA, which was taken from Alchemax’s archive for creating a time bond and alert him to upcoming events. Note, Miguel has access to Peter’s DNA because the past had been changed. In the past, Peter didn’t work for the Daily Bugle. Instead, he became a scientist and was working at Alchemax Group.

The gameplay

Similar to the previous version that allows players to control four different versions, Spider-Man: Edge of Time will allow players to control two versions of Spider-Man (Peter and Miguel). Players will control each character in different stages to complete the tasks. In addition to fighting with criminals, players also upgrade costumes for each character by using XP. Also, you can accumulate XP through completing tasks or small challenges. In particular, each character has a unique skill to use. Peter possesses the skill Hyper-Sense, which allows him to have reflexes and fast movement speed. Miguel can create his clone (virtual image) to deceive opponents or scout new areas.

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