[Nintendo Wii] Super Mario All-Stars

Super Mario All-Stars
Full nameSuper Mario All-Stars
File size11.3MB
Genre Compilation , Misc , Platform
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo Wii

This is a compilation of all the best games from the Mario franchise. It also has many more attractive graphic and design features overall. This is also obviously a much-awaited version. Instead of having to buy multiple pieces, players now only need to buy once.


The gameplay in this Mario game is indeed nothing more wonderful. Perhaps the most demanding players only require this level of complexity. In SUPER MARIO ALL-STARS, you get a list of fun to play like Super Mario Bros. 1, Super Mario Bros. 3. These are both the most appreciated games in the Mario galaxy. All operations are optimized so you can sit and play without having to get up and switch connection cables or switch players. You can also combine with many different players at the same time and connect to jump, climb, and eat the coins in the allotted time.


This is just an integrated version of the three most famous games together. So all graphics of this game are kept from the original of each game. Speaking of each game, perhaps there are not too many things to disparage. You can see detailed reviews for each specific game.

There is only one point worth noting, the face at the beginning of the game is relatively difficult to see. It will take a while to determine where each game is located, as their colors are quite similar.


The background music of the games has been redesigned quite detailed and synchronized. You can experience the perfect experience and be tailored to the music you want to hear. Electric guitars also buffer the intervals between screens. If you have not experienced it, it is a pity.

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