[Nintendo Wii] Xenoblade Chronicles

Xenoblade Chronicles
Full nameXenoblade Chronicles
File size6.1GB
Genre Action , Role Playing
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo Wii

Xenoblade Chronicles is an action game developed by Monolith Soft in 2010. The game was released by Nintendo on the Nintendo Wii.


The game is a great battle between the Bionis and Mechonis races, which is also the main theme of the game. After the war a year ago, Mechonis lost and had to return the invaded land to the Bionis. The life of the people in the 9th colony of Bionis was peaceful and happy until the Mechon army came back. They attacked the people and occupied the central area to build the original army. In this situation, a group of heroes, including Shulk, Dunban and Fiora, stand up and fight against Mechon.


In the game, players will play the role of Shulk in the hero group, who was responsible for coordinating with other character and complete the mission. His main weapon is a sword with the ability to attack enemies in close range. Unlike other action games, Xenoblade Chronicles allows players to move freely to search for clues and accomplish tasks. They may spend the day and night together consecutively in the forest. During the journey, Shulk needs to quickly search for enemies and destroy them before it gets dark. The dark time increases the enemies’ power, and they can attack him at any time.

Under the direction of the map, Shulk will destroy the enemies on the way and face many giant bosses. You have to control him to move flexibly to evade and attack the boss from behind. If Shulk is killed in those battles, he will be brought back to a nearby time frame to continue the goal. In addition, the game provides an energy system that helps the character possess special skills. During the fight, whenever his energy line is filled, you can use the special skill. Performing this skill helps Shulk not only make you safe but also causes the opponent to lose a certain amount of blood. At the end of the journey, Shulk found the hidden cave of Mechonis and fought their boss. Shulk finishes the mission when the Mechonis race is completely destroyed on the land of Bionis.


As for the graphics, Xenoblade Chronicles has beautiful visuals and lighting effects in the harmonious background. When night falls, all activities slow down with dangerous sounds, creating a sense of suspense for the player. The matches became more exciting with the overwhelming skill effects of the characters. Besides, the view and storyline of the game give players the top sword fighting.

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