[Nintendo] 1944: The Loop Master

1944: The Loop Master
Full name1944: The Loop Master
File size445KB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo (Download Emulator)

1944: The Loop Master is a version which was available in 2000 of the 19XX series. Besides, it is the next version of 19XX: The War Against Destiny. In this game, players will participate in intense combat missions with a mighty force. The most important goal is to survive the enemy’s dense firepower and destroy all enemies. A new feature is that it brings two different types of fighters. The first is the US Navy P-38 Lightning, and the second is the Mitsubishi A6M Zero, which belongs to the Imperial Japanese Navy.


Like the 19XX series’s version, players will have to fight in different stages. Each will bring the bosses to destroy (15 stages). In particular, some complex stages also bring two tycoons to defeat. Mid BOSS – appear in the middle of each battle, and Final BOSS – appear at the end of the level. Besides, the battle with the boss also gives a limited time, and the player has to quickly destroy. If you don’t defeat the boss in a limited time, players will still go forward and explore new battle challenges. However, the game will limit the support items and make your combat mission more difficult.

Control and support items

1944: The Loop Master still plays at a fast pace. It requires players to have quick reflexes during the challenge. In each stage, players will face many war vehicles such as aircraft, tanks, anti-aircraft guns, and battleships. They will appear from various locations on the screen, and they will attack continuously. Meanwhile, the player has to move (forward, turn left, turn right or back down) to avoid the enemy’s attacks. the P-38 Lightning and Mitsubishi A6M Zero’s weapon is the 30mm cannon, you will use it in the early stages. At later stages, players can collect Power-Ups to upgrade weapons (falling from destroyed enemies). Collect many Power Up, your weapons will be constantly upgraded and cause more damage to enemies. In addition, the game also equips you with Tomahawk rockets to eliminate all enemies.

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