[Nintendo] 8 Eyes

8 Eyes
Full name8 Eyes
File size89.5KB
Genre Action , Shooter
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo (Download Emulator)

In 8 Eyes, players will have combat missions and gather various information to solve the puzzles. This game takes place with the post-apocalyptic context. After a global war used nuclear weapons to attack each other, the Earth returned to the medieval period. The mankind had to live in difficulty to restore modern civilization. During the world war, eight nuclear explosions occurred, and magical gems were formed (8 Eyes). At that time, a man had collected all 8 jewels to bring peace to the world. He was the Great King. Under the Great King’s control were the eight Lords who had the duty to rebuild the world. However, greed and envy controlled the Lords. As a result, they attacked the Great King to own the magic jewels, and each Lord would have one.

Faced with a new war and chaos, a hero appears, and he will collect eight gems to revive the Great King. This hero is Orin the Falconer (the main character) and accompanies him a powerful falcon, Cutrus. In order to collect them, Orin has to fight in eight different castles, and each will be controlled by a Lord. After regaining the eight jewels, Orin has to take them to the Altar of Peace to revive the King and return peace to the world.


In the game, players will have to overcome eight different stages (each will take place in a castle). In which, the last castle is The House of Ruth. Players can only access this area after completing the remaining seven castles. In particular, it will take place according to the game’s choice. You can conquer them in a certain order or randomly select a stage to join the fight. After collecting the power jewels, you will have to place them on the Altar of Peace in a certain order to complete. If you collect hints in each stage, you can know the order in the gems.

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