[Nintendo] Action In New York

Action In New York
Full nameAction In New York
File size133.2KB
Genre Shooter
Region Europe Europe
Console Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Action in New York is an action game that was available by Natsume. In the future 2029, planetary wars take place in many places around the world. The aliens’ arrival has caused many losses. They invade people’s lands and houses, build military bases. Under this situation, the world organization has assigned the task of destroying the enemy and reclaiming the land for a hero.

Basically, players will accompany the hero through many stages. Each has many levels with increasing difficulty. The Player explores the enemy’s first base in the open land. You have special armor that makes it easy to move through the air. After infiltrating the base, the player uses a weapon that is a rifle and two small devices to attack soldiers. You have to move sensibly to evade bullets from enemies and automatic machines. If you are killed, you will restart the stage. Their weapons can be upgraded in the fight. After that, the power and range of attacks from the gun are increased to defeat enemies quickly. They face a big robot at the end of each stage.

Robots in the first stage become dangerous to the player when it has machine guns. You will dodge the attack and look for weaknesses. The player takes advantage of its weak point which is limited visibility to destroy. Bonuses and experience points are items that players receive after defeating the enemy. The speed in the next phase will be faster. It means that the player has to have flexible reflexes. In addition to the battles in the base, the player also has to fight enemies under caves. Players will fight alien monsters in these caves. You will regain the land’s treasure after defeating many guarded monsters. In the final stage, the battle between the alien’s leader army and the player will take place. You have to take back the lands and destroy the last base when the enemy is destroyed.

In addition, in New York, players can choose a two-player mode to conquer new challenges. The difficulty and mission system is changed to make it attractive to players. By skill and help from teammates, players will complete all tasks in the shortest time.

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