[Nintendo] AD&D Dragon Strike

AD&D Dragon Strike
Full nameAD&D Dragon Strike
File size166.7KB
Genre Shooter
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Dragon Strike is an action game which was developed by Westwood Associates in 1990. The in-game events are in Krynn, a fantasy world. It has the appearance, tyrants, dragons and humans. Wars begin when dragons invade human territory. Before those actions, a knight on the island is planning to go to the dragon leader’s cave to reclaim justice for humans.

Basically, players will control the knight to explore many areas. A dragon was controlled by the knight and turned it into his means of transportation. Players attacked enemies in the air with flames from within the dragon’s body. They had a long lance. In addition, armor and support items used to ensure safety. Following the map’s instructions, they went to the island to rescue the humans from the dragons. Players crossed the sea with many enemies. With equipped weapons, they quickly destroy all enemies in the way and receive a bonus. They are dropped on the island and face with an dragons army. Players will move flexibly and use support items to defeat enemies. They accomplish the goal, rescuing the humans and collecting treasure in the dragon’s cave.

After the fight with the dragon leader, the player has to fight the boss at sea. It appears as a large blue octopus. It can fire explosive bullets to defeat players. This challenge requires their flexible movement skills to dodge and attack enemies. The player’s physical decreases after a collision with the boss’ body or attacked. They will focus their attacks on its head. The next target is completed when the boss is defeated. The player talks to a god after the boss is defeated. During the conversation, they receive hints about the enemy’s hiding place in the final stage. Players go to the large island, the dragon’s hiding place to destroy their base. Besides, they also have to jump over dangerous terrain in the cave. They use the collected bonuses throughout the process to upgrade weapons and buy necessary items. The knight’s mission is completed when the dragon army is destroyed, and he is honored by the humans’s planet.

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