[Nintendo] AD&D Pool Of Radiance

AD&D Pool Of Radiance
Full nameAD&D Pool Of Radiance
File size271.1KB
Genre Role Playing
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Pool of Radiance is a strategy game which was available by Strategic Simulations in 1988. The game received the Origins award for the best game title in 1988. With the simple gameplay and unique plot, this is game that the lovers cannot ignore.

The game is in a fantasy world with wars in the Phlan city. Many buildings appear in the  missions such as shops, town halls and temples. The temples are governed by a god. It helps players regain energy and character’s physical strength. The battle between bandits and army that takes place regularly in Phlan makes people’s lives mix. The royal army has to destroy all enemies to bring peaceful life to humans.

Basically, the player acts as the royal army’s leader. They build their army with 6 characters. Each warrior has a different power index. They properly organize their army to fight with many enemies. Through conversations with the residents, players receive information that this place is in danger by bandits. To prevent and destroy, they will equip their warriors with guns from afar. During this period, his enemy is some bandits in the city. When discovering their army, they quickly escape to avoid the pursuit. The game uses an aerial view that allows the player to easily search for their hiding places. Crime clues and map pieces are collected after enemies are defeated. In the next stage, the player takes his army to the Phlan’s center. Their mission is to solve the room’s mystery and find the criminal’s hiding place. By collecting the crime’s clues, players will choose the exact result for the question. The room is unlocked when the player chooses the correct. If they answer incorrectly, the enemy will detect the intrusion, and their army will surround and kill them. In the room, the player finds many criminal clues, treasures and weapons. After the player reaches the last room, a battle takes place between the bandit leader and the army. The Phlan city becomes peaceful after the bandits are completely annihilated.

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