[Nintendo] The Adventures Of Bayou Billy

The Adventures Of Bayou Billy
Full nameAdventures Of Bayou Billy, The
File size138.4KB
Genre Action , Platform , Racing , Shooter
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo (Download Emulator)

The Adventures of Bayou Billy was based on Mad City (1988) by Konami. This game has many interesting features for players to explore. Besides, the difficulty is also upgraded to bring more complex combat missions.  It brings not only challenges to scenes but also the task of driving and participating in shooting challenges.

About the content, the Adventures of Bayou Billy will take place around the journey to rescue the Billy West’s daughter (the main character and also known by another name is Bayou Billy). The story began with Billy’s daughter, Annabelle Lane, was being captured by a mafia gang and its mastermind, Godfather Gordon. He was the notorious gang’s leader. Billy had fought against the crimes which committed by Gordon’s juniors. Since then, this boss planned revenge on Billy, and the easiest way is to kidnap his daughter to intimidate. Therefore, the player’s task is to help Billy overcome many different dangers and rescue Annabelle.

Basically, this game has nine different levels, and each has a separate context for players to fight. From there, players will have to move from the wetlands to Bourbon Street to reach the Godfather’s house (where Annabelle is held). In the nine levels, you will have to fight with horizontal screen movement at levels 1, 3, 6, 8 and 9. They will bring countervailing combat missions at once. To kill enemies, Billy can use basic fighting skills such as punching or kicking. Besides, the game also allows you to use some different weapons to quickly defeat enemies such as daggers or whips. Besides combat weapons, Billy can collect armor to use and limit the attack skills. In the levels 4 and 5, players have to drive (control a jeep and overcome the obstacles that appear on the way). They will provide a limited time, and you have to quickly drive to the required location to complete the challenge. In addition, the jeep will not have vitality as the five levels, and any collision will cause the car to explode. Level 2 and 7 will bring shooting missions in the first perspective, your goal is to kill as many enemies as possible and defeat the boss with the amount of provided ammunition.

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