[Nintendo] Adventures Of Dino Riki

Adventures Of Dino Riki
Full nameAdventures Of Dino Riki
File size37.6KB
Genre Shooter
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Adventures of Dino Riki will give players fascinating shooting challenges with the context in the Stone Age. This game was developed by Hudson Soft, it appeared on NES in two markets, Japan and North America. In Japan, it was available by Rix Soft on February 10, 1987, with the name, Shin Jinrui: The New Type. North America was released by Hudson Soft in August 1989.


In Adventures of Dino Riki, players have to destroy all enemies and obstacles that appear on the way with a third perspective. Your combat mission will take place with the vertical movement (similar to the 19XX series). Dino Riki (a Neanderthal) is a character that players can control and participate in challenges in four different worlds. In addition, at the end of each, there is a boss for Dino to fight (these bosses are different types of dinosaurs). Besides conquering the four worlds, the game also offers three scenarios to explore, including forests, mountains, and old cities.

Fight and upgrade weapons

At the beginning of the shooting challenge, Dino has stones to throw at enemies. Each destroyed enemy will bring Dino the bonus points. However, this basic weapon has low damage ability and low range. To eliminate an enemy, the player will have to attack continuously. In addition to using stones to throw, the game also allows you to upgrade weapons by collecting support items. From there, players can use new weapons such as stone axes, boomerangs, and fireballs.

After upgrading the weapons, the damage ability and combat range will be expanded, making it easier to kill more enemies. In particular, the strongest weapon is Macho Ricky. With this special power, Dino will transform into a giant and throw out mini versions to destroy enemies. In addition, to support items to upgrade weapons, the game also offers some other support items to get faster movement speed. Having agile mobility will help you avoid many enemy attacks or pitfalls on the ground.

Challenge your reflexes

Similar to the 19XX shooting challenge series, players have to have the ability to agile observe to avoid colliding with enemies. The number of enemies will increase with each stage, and they will appear from many different locations. Meanwhile, players have to have good reflexes to destroy enemies and collect support items. Each operation or slow reflexes will make you quickly destroyed.

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