[Nintendo] Adventures Of Lolo 2

Adventures Of Lolo 2
Full nameAdventures Of Lolo 2
File size40.6KB
Genre Puzzle
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo (Download Emulator)

After the Adventures of Lolo’s success, HAL Laboratory developed Adventures of Lolo 2. Compared to the first version, this next game has beautiful graphics and brings many challenging puzzles. The goal is still to rescue the princess from King Egger and has to conquer 50 rooms to end the game. Players still have to control Lolo and collect hearts to open the door to the next challenge. However, the puzzles will be harder and require players to have agile thinking ability.

The Adventures of Lolo 2’s rooms offer many obstacles, and the number of enemies will also increase to challenge players. In addition, the enemies are upgraded and make them have more complex movements. It makes players difficult to predict the enemy’s direction and avoid colliding with them. Colliding with an enemy will still cost one life. However, some enemies will not cause damage, but they will automatically freeze and turn into an obstacle to block after each collision.

Like the previous version, some enemies will automatically move when starting a level, and others will only move after collecting enough hearts to go to the treasure chest. Therefore, players have to observe the enemy’s location and the room’s structure before performing the hearts’ collection. After knowing the room’s context, you will have to use the obstacles to block the enemy’s movement and open safe paths to quickly collect hearts. In case the player does not rearrange the room’s layout and only focus on collecting hearts. Enemies will move around the room and quickly reach Lolo. From there, the chance for players to win will be zero. With intelligence, the game requires players to have good thinking ability while exploring a level. Besides 50 basic rooms (equivalent to 50 levels), this game also offers four hidden rooms with harder puzzles to explore. After being released in many regions, the Japanese version is considered to be harder than the North American and European versions.

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