[Nintendo] Adventures Of Lolo

Adventures Of Lolo
Full nameAdventures Of Lolo
File size35.1KB
Genre Action , Puzzle
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Based on the intellectual challenges of the Eggerland series, HAL Laboratory continues to develop similar content with more complex challenges. This game is Adventures of Lolo, and it still uses many familiar images from Eggerland. In addition, it was available by HAL America in North America in 1989 and in Europe in 1991.

In the puzzle challenge, the player will control Lolo with the view from above and have to constantly move on the map to complete the mission. Currently, Princess Lala has been kidnapped by King Egger in his castle. Therefore, Lolo has to pass through many different rooms in King Egger’s castle to rescue the princess. This castle has ten floors, and each will have five different rooms to explore. From there, you will have to successfully conquer 50 rooms with many unique obstacles to end the game. In order to successfully conquer a room, Lolo has to collect hearts that are arranged in different positions to unlock a treasure chest. After it is opened, the player will have to collect the gem inside the chest. It will open a door to enter the next room. In the fifth room, collecting the jewel will help reveal a staircase to enter the next floor. In addition, the number of hearts will increase gradually with each level to challenge the player’s ability to control the character.

Besides collecting hearts to open treasure chests, Lolo also faces many enemies in each room. Colliding with each enemy will cost Lolo a life, and the challenge will be stopped when Lolo loses all lives. Like hearts are arranged in different locations, enemies will appear in many locations. They will move around the room to prevent you from completing the task. Besides, the number of enemies and their abilities will be changed according to each level. Therefore, players have to concentrate well to choose the right direction. The game’s enemies will be arranged in two types, as active and passive. With passive enemies, they will stand and only start moving when you collect all the hearts on the ground. And the active enemy will automatically move when starting a level.

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