[Nintendo] Adventures Of Tom Sawyer

Adventures Of Tom Sawyer
Full nameAdventures Of Tom Sawyer
File size109.7KB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo (Download Emulator)

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is an adventure game with content similar to The Goonies series. The main character is Tom Sawyer (not related to Square’s Tom Sawyer), and you will have to overcome many interesting challenges to rescue your friend. This journey begins with a Tom’s dream in the classroom. In the dream, Becky is kidnapped by Injun Joe, and he will have to cross six different areas to rescue.

In The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, players will focus on skillful movement to avoid colliding with obstacles along the way. In addition, each area has a different context, players can play on a nautical boat or a haunted house. To successfully conquer an area, Tom will have to watch the path carefully to avoid the enemies’ attack and overcome the traps. To destroy the enemy, Tom has a slingshot to destroy enemies from far. In addition, each will bring bonus points and drop an assist item to collect (shown by gray blocks and have icons inside). Besides, there is an item which displays with the symbol, a heart shape. Picked up this item, the player can immortalize in a certain time. At that time, you do not have to use a slingshot to destroy enemies, anyone that collides with you will be automatically removed.

Besides destroying enemies on the road, players also face a boss at the end of each area. The boss will not be displayed vitality, and you have continuous attacks at a certain time to kill the boss. Besides, each can challenge the player’s movement skills. They include a giant octopus, a thunder god, a blue demon in a haunted house, and some others. In particular, this game also prepares a stage with controlling Tom with a view from above. At this stage, Tom will move by a wooden raft and avoid the hazards in the river (whirlpool, reef or wooden sticks drifting along the river)

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