[Nintendo] After Burner

After Burner
Full nameAfter Burner
File size121.5KB
Genre Simulation
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Besides the familiar shooting and horizontal movement challenges, some other shooting challenges offer vertical movement. Typical examples are the games that control the fighters and participate in aerial battles. After Burner is a shooting game with a third perspective and vertical movement. In this game, players will become a professional pilot and use F-14 Tomcat aircraft to fight with many enemies. It was exclusively available by SEGA on the NES platform in Japan on March 30, 1989.

The game Content

The game’s content is similar to Tom Cruise’s famous film Top Gun (1986). Players can control an F-14 of their own and take off from a carrier, SEGA Enterprise. The goal is to destroy many enemies and accumulate outstanding achievements. This exciting battle challenge takes place in many different stages, and each will bring a unique context.

With a third perspective, you get a wide control to give you quick and precise. The enemy will attack you from the front with machine guns and missiles. Therefore, you have to quickly turn left or right to evade enemy attacks. In addition, your F-14 has machine guns and missiles to fight. When performing a dogfight mission, on the screen will appear squares that mark targets. From there, players have to choose the right weapon to defeat the enemy (using machine guns when the opponent has approached or missiles to knock the opponent from afar). In addition, the right corner of the screen has a large square and the same features as a radar. The number of missiles for the F-14 will be limited. Therefore, you have to use weapons scientifically to defeat as many opponents as possible. However, players will have weapons at the end of each stage to continue to fight at the next mission. In case you don’t use the number of missiles at the previous stage, the game still allows you to receive additional missiles and continue fighting.

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