[Nintendo] Ai Senshi Nicol

Ai Senshi Nicol
Full nameAi Senshi Nicol
File size101.1KB
Genre Action , Adventure
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Ai Senshi Nicol is an adventure game that was available by Konami in 1987. The game revolves around Nicol’s journey, a young inventor, and his girlfriend Stella. He had to carry out the project to produce space transfer equipment. This device became famous throughout the region and caught the Gyumao’s attention, the empire’s leader. Gusmao offers to buy this device from Nicol to carry out a dark conspiracy. However, the offer was rejected because Nicol discovered the plot in Gyumao’s actions. Gyumao was angry and led his army to kidnap Stella and stole the teleport device. After obtaining it, Gyumao doesn’t activate the device due to the lack of a system’s part. He made an exchange with Nicol hoping to obtain the device’s missing part. Nicol did not accept and the battle began.

Basically, players control Nicol through seven stages. He receives information from his organization that Gyumao destroys the device into fragments and detained Stella at the base. Nicol explores Gyumao’s Dairasu base to search for debris and carry out his mission. He faces pitfalls and enemies in the base. He has a shotgun with unlimited bullets. With fast movement speed and high jumping ability, Nicol overcomes obstacles and defeats enemies. He has to fight with many tanks at the end of the first stage. Bonuses and fragments are items that Nicol collects after the enemy is defeated.

Nicol steals the enemy’s tank and moves to the next challenge. The collected money in each stage is used to unlock new weapons and equip himself with physical recovery items. In the third period, a war takes place in a cave between Nicol and soldiers in Gyumao’s empire. The enemy leaves much important debris in Nicol’s device. He has a break from this battle to combine the pieces. The spacecraft is repaired and successfully activated by Nicol in the fourth stage. With equipment and weapons, Nicol quickly finds out Gyumao’s hiding place and fights him in the final stage. The dramatic battle takes place in the Dairasu’s center. Nicol rescues Stella when Gyumao is destroyed. They return to the land, they live in and announce their products.

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