[Nintendo] Aigiina No Yogen – From The Legend Of Balubalouk

Aigiina No Yogen – From The Legend Of Balubalouk
Full nameAigiina No Yogen - From The Legend Of Balubalouk
File size54.5KB
Genre Action , Platform
Region Japan Japan
Console Nintendo (Download Emulator)

AIGIINA NO YOGEN – FROM THE LEGEND OF BALUBALOUK is an action game of Vic Tokai in Japan in 1988.


Aighina, a king was building and developing his beautiful kingdom. It was protected by the legendary god and possessed the star Aura, a precious treasure. However, enemies appeared in Aighina’s castle to rob the treasure. During the break into the capital, the thief kidnapped Princess Laira and destroyed the treasure guard. The gang divided it into five fragments and hid in many caves. Jason, the main character takes on rescuing the princess and taking back the lost treasure.


The player who controls Jason goes through six stages. He begins his journey in a land that has many mysterious caves. Jason enters the cave with many enemies and obstacles. He is dropped from the top floor and observes a treasure chest at the end of the map. His goal is to find the key to unlock and uncover the secrets inside. His enemies are monsters that bandits possessed. They move at a fast pace and constantly attack Jason. He dies after suffering four consecutive attacks from the enemy. To ensure safety and complete the stage, he has to move flexibly and reasonably to avoid colliding with enemies. He doesn’t have any weapons at this stage to take down enemies. Jason uses the collected key in the cave and opens the treasure chest. Fragments and bonuses are items that he receives after discovering the treasure chest.

Jason struggles at the third stage with the flames’ appearance. Besides, he may be killed by collision with the fire from the crater at the end of the cave. He faces the boss after passing this stage. A large dinosaur has to guard the area where Princess Laira is held. Jason uses the stone which floats in the air to escape its pursuit and rescue the princess. Laira, after receiving five pieces, combines into a sword. She will accompany Jason in the final stage to destroy the bandits. The game ends when Laira and Jason return to the kingdom safely, and the treasure is taken back from the enemy.

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