[Nintendo] Air Fortress

Air Fortress
Full nameAir Fortress
File size82.8KB
Genre Platform
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Air Fortress is an action game which was developed by HAL Laboratory in 1987. The game is on the planet Farmel which is the strongest technology development in the galaxy. The war on this planet began when they discovered the fighters in the air. They attacked humans and destroyed all buildings where they went through. In dangerous situation, the space federation tasked with investigating the mysterious fighter’s information to a guard group. After the investigation, they discovered that the enemies were aliens, possessing dangerous nuclear weapons. They conquered some small planets and went to Farmel with the plot to control the entire region. To prevent that, Hal Bailman, a warrior in the organization received missions from the cosmic federation and began his journey.


Basically, players will control Bailman to go to the conquered areas to reclaim the land and collect the enemy’s clues. He has a fighter jet and military suit to ensure safety. It makes Bailman easy to move on many dangerous areas, where low pressure is captured by enemies. He conquers the eight stages to complete his mission. The goal in each stage is the same throughout the journey. He fights enemies in many areas in the sky before entering their base. Beilman goes to the land on the east side of the planet in the first phase. The aircraft which he controls can shoot bullets to destroy fighters and obstacles outside the enemy base. Beilman faces many enemies ’ attacks to find the entrance to the base. He collects bonuses for defeating enemies. The base appears when all their guards are destroyed. With the space federation’s gun, Bailman enters the base and destroys many machines and cannons. However, he is attacked by machine guns and soldiers. If Bailman is killed by an enemy, he will continue his journey at the first base.

Beilman rescues humans and continues to reclaim invaded lands in subsequent stages. Enemies and obstacles will appear to stop him. In some battles, Bailman can upgrade weapons with collected items. Beilman completes his mission and becomes a hero after taking back eight regions and destroying invading enemies.

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