[Nintendo] Alfred Chicken

Alfred Chicken
Full nameAlfred Chicken
File size71.6KB
Genre Action , Platform
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Alfred Chicken is a great game, which offers you an exciting adventure for an endless relaxing experience. In the game, your main character is a chicken named Alfred. The game does not bring a fixed goal. Instead, it is designed simply.

The game content

In the game, there is a series of pitfalls along the way for you to overcome. Besides, the game will end when you successfully conquer the available levels. To finish a level, players need to search and destroy many different balloons along the way. You can use Alfred’s beak to destroy the balls. Also, the last ball on the map will take you to a battle with the boss. After defeating a boss, you can move forward and discover new levels.

Moreover, each level of the game will give a certain amount of time for players to conquer. For a limited time, you need to move skillfully to collect diamonds and increase your score. Diamonds will be exchanged for bonus points when you complete a level. In addition to collecting diamonds, killing enemies also helps you get a certain number of points. To extend the duration of the task, you just need to search and collect the watches on the map. Besides using mines to destroy balloons, you also have to touch the switches on the ground to open up new paths.

How to play

To pass the levels, Alfred can run, jump or fly. When the chicken falls from an elevated position, you can freely move him to the left or right. Also, Alfred can throw bombs at enemies while flying in the air. In addition to the usually accessible areas like running and jumping, the game also prepares complex areas with many attractive rewards for players to collect. To access these areas, you need to use spring pads already prepared on the ground.

In the following stages of the game, the number of traps and maps will be more complex. Therefore, the game has prepared a number of different powers for Alfred to use. To activate the special powers, the character must find a phone in the secret room and contact Mr. Pekles (1 sunflower). From there, you will receive 1 box of jam and can use the power after eating jam box. There are two basic types of power for you to use. The first one allows you to fire a bullet of the same size as Alfred to kill enemies and collect rewards on the map. While the second type will bring a worm to move around Alfred to destroy the danger. This power can be upgraded by collecting 1 can of worms.

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