[Nintendo] Base Wars

Base Wars
Full nameBase Wars
File size146.2KB
Genre Sports
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Baseball is a famous team sport worldwide with millions of fans. However, human abilities are limited so baseball games will have strict rules that everyone must follow. To refresh this sport and bring more unique matches to the service of the fans. In the 24th century, baseball games will be performed by robots and they are called Base Wars. Coming to this game, you will enjoy attractive baseball matches with more intense fighting style. Unlike normal players, robots have a stable power system and can compete continuously without getting tired. Join the game, you will control a club of your own and compete in many different tournaments to win the championship.

4 types of robots to compete

To replace players in different positions on the stadium, a series of robots have been built with their own features. There will be 4 different types of robots for players to use and arrange in matches: Tank, Cyborg, Motocycle and Flybot. In addition to the usual content of baseball, this game is also prepared with exciting robot matches for players to explore. In battles, the robots will have 2 main weapons for you to use: Laser Swords and Lasergun. Besides, you also have to participate in weapon upgrade missions and robot repair after each match. Completing each match will help you collect bonuses and you need to use the right bonus to improve your ability to compete with the robots in the club.

Control of your clubs

There are 14 different clubs prepared in the game for you to choose and control. In which, 12 teams have been pre-designed with different outfits and members. Each team will represent another city. The remaining 2 teams will be designed by players based on their own preferences. The matches that you participate in still happen with the same rules as in baseball, scoring the most numbers or knocking out many of the opponent’s bats in a match to win. As for the robot battles mentioned above, they will appear with a limited frequency in each match. However, each losing robot will be disqualified from the match and each team is allowed to lose a maximum of 2 robots. The team that loses the first 3 robots will be disqualified. Therefore, you need to win many robot matches. The key to helping you get there is to continuously upgrade your robot.

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