[Nintendo] Galaxian

Full nameGalaxian
File size9.9KB
Genre Action , Shooter
Region Japan Japan
Console Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Galaxian is an entertainment game which was available by Namco in 1979. The game revolves around the wars of warriors in the military organization with the alien’s hostile forces. With beautiful pictures and simple gameplay, Galaxian brings exciting and engaging experiences to players.

Basically, players will participate in air battles with enemies. They will pass 21 levels with increasing difficulty to conquer challenges. The game offers two modes, one player and two players with different missions. Players will control a fighter plane that is equipped with modern weapons. Their enemy is an aliens army. They are organized into three separate classes. The blue includes defense aircraft. They can block and protect the fighters behind. The pink and red on the bottom will separate from the squad, moving to the sides and rushing towards the opponent. Their airplanes operate under the control of the dark empire. With the provided fighter, the player will move left or right to defeat the enemy’s fighter. They have to destroy the aircraft from the center of the army to prevent them and attack continuously. Players will avoid attacking enemies to ensure aircraft safety. Points are collected when they defeat an enemy. If they die in battle, the player has to retake level and lose all accumulated points.

In Galaxian, players encounter many difficulties and dangers in the next levels. After failing in the first battle, the alien adds power with special aircraft. They are capable of withstanding 3 shots from the player. Movement speed increases with each level, requiring them to move flexibly and react quickly to attacks. Players receive a warrior badge after completing all 21 levels. Their scores are saved for comparison with the next play. The missions become simpler when they choose the two-player mode. Their goal in each level is still to destroy the enemy’s fighters. The difference from single-player mode is that enemies will move closer to the player after each attack. Each takes place within a limited time. If they do not destroy the enemies within a safe time, the distance will be narrowed, and the player faces many enemies. The game ends when you complete 21 levels.

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