[Nintendo] Gyromite (JUE)

Gyromite (JUE)
Full nameGyromite (JUE)
File size22.2KB
Genre Puzzle
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Gyromite is an adventure game released by Nintendo in 1985. The game revolves around Professor Hector’s journey of protecting the city. He and Professor Vector, his assistant, comes from a laboratory and travels to many parts of the city to search for, collect and remove explosives.

The game offers two modes for gamers to experience, including one player and two players. With one player mode, they will control Professor Hector to complete the mission. In which, Hector started his journey with a lab controller. He was taken into a closed room with many obstacles. Hector has to use his remote to unlock the vertical pillars that are blocking his way. In this stage, there are 5 bombs need to be collected. He moved across the vacant lands with ropes connected to the top of the room. Hector collects hearts and uses it as a weapon. Besides, a bird capable of moving and walking on ropes will come and attack him. Hector quickly dropped the collected heart to fight the enemy. The heart causes the bird to freeze for a short time, which helps him keep moving safely. Each stage takes place in a certain time. If Hector fails to remove all the bombs during this time, the room will explode and he has to restart the stage.

In the next stages of the game, Hector is taken to rooms containing many obstacles and enemies. The time for each stage is the same throughout the game. Hector is allowed to observe the map once before starting the phase to determine his direction. Each bird is tasked with protecting the bomb and stopping him. Hector has to jump and move to the left or right to catch the ropes. The terrain becomes complicated in the final stage. The room is divided into small boxes containing explosives and bombs. When Hector clears all bombs in the room, and the game ends

Two-player mode will make Hector’s journey simpler. He will accompany Vector to overcome challenges. However, their goals will increase, and the time will be shortened to ensure the game balance.

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