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Kirby's Adventure
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Kirby’s Adventure was available on NES in 1993 by HAL Laboratory. This game is the next version of Kirby’s Dream Land (released in 1992). Besides content similar to the old version, this second also possesses a new feature. Kirby can copy and replay enemy attack skills by eating them. The challenge will focus on the journey’s Kirby which goes to the Dream Land to recover the Star Rod’s debris and repair. King Dedede is said to be the culprit who breaks the stick.


The Kirby’s Adventure’s events begin with, an extraterrestrial, Nightmare attacked the Fountain of Dreams and made the fountain inoperable. Later, King Dedede appeared and stole the Star Rod. However, the Star Rod was broken into many different pieces. Since then, King Dedede divided the debris with his friends. After that, Kirby collected the Star Rod fragments and chased after Nightmare to destroy it.

Exciting and fun gameplay

In the game, you will have to control Kirby and overcome many different challenges to collect Star Rod. The game has 41 levels, and they take place in seven worlds. Certain levels will bring a boss battle. Like other challenges, this game also offers some bonus stages to improve their own achievements and collect more lives to use. During the challenge, Kirby can move left or right of the screen, jump into the air, or crouch to overcome obstacles. In addition, Kirby can use some new skills as flying in the air by blowing himself up (like a balloon), running at high speed and crashing into enemies.

Besides, players also face many different enemies in each level. To destroy the enemy, Kirby has to approach to suck the enemy into his mouth and spit them out. In particular, Kirby can copy and use the enemy’s skills by devouring them. However, some will be limited in usage, and they will disappear after Kirby is defeated by enemies. Note, you cannot use attack skills while flying in the air.

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