[Nintendo] Metroid

Full nameMetroid [T-Italian]
File size57.0KB
Genre Action , Adventure
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Metroid is a fighting and adventure game with a horizontal screen movement. In the game, players will have to control a bounty hunter, Samus Aran, to take on a dangerous mission. The challenge time is 20X5, in this era, mankind has completely conquered the universe and discovers many new planets. With space travel’s development, new-style pirate groups (space pirates) have appeared and caused many bloody looting.


In a special event, a pirate group suddenly attacked a Galaxy Federation’s scientific research facility and took some rare scientific specimens. They currently owned Metroid (a mysterious parasite form on the planet with the number SR388). In particular, this parasite was classified as extremely dangerous and had carefully preserved. It could attach to many living things and drain its energy to survive. The pirate group intended to turn this high-level parasite into a biological weapon to attack who opposed their ideas. Faced with a crisis, the Galaxy Federation attacked the group’s base in an attempt to recover the stolen specimens. However, the attack failed, and they suffered great losses. As a result, a new plan was established and the Alliance hired a bounty hunter to break into the base on the planet Zebes.


In Metroid, players will go to the planet Zebes. You will enter the Space Pirates (pirate’s fortress) to complete the tasks which the Alliance requires, destroying bases and biological samples. The challenge will take place at various stages, and you will have to move constantly to explore the Zebes’s caves. To overcome the traps, you can move left or right, acrobatic in the air. In addition, Samus has also an energy gun to destroy the obstacles. Besides avoiding dangerous traps, Samus has to destroy the bosses Ridley, Kear, and Mother Brain. In which, Ridley and Kear are the pirate leaders. And Mother Brain is a type of biological robot that controls Space Pirates.

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