[Nintendo] Street Fighter 3

Street Fighter 3
Full nameStreet Fighter 3
File size293.4KB
Genre Fighting
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo (Download Emulator)

ike the previous two versions, Street Fighter III still brings intense fighting battles. Each character has strong fighting skills. In a match, the player will compete with the CPU in a single-player mode or another in the two-player mode. In addition, a match still takes place for a limited time (99 seconds). Within the allowed time, players have to quickly defeat the opponent or cause them to take as much damage as possible

Unique new features

Besides the familiar content, Street Fighter III also has some new features, Super Arts and Parrying. In which, Super Arts will bring many attack skills to quickly defeat opponents. There are three Super Arts styles to choose from. Each will have different attack techniques to enjoy. In the combat, the game will prepare an energy meter to fill. Super Arts will be activated after the energy bar is full. In addition, each will have an energy bar. From there, the player has to adjust the tempo and use offensive skills appropriately to activate Super Arts.

Unlike Super Arts (attacking enemies with powerful combat techniques), the Parrying feature allows the player to block dangerous attacks from opponents. During the battle and the opponent is to use a special skill. The player has to move skillfully and perform reasonable control manipulations to use Parrying. Successful use will help your immunity to damage by the opponent’s attack skills.

Character system

Besides, the game also brings many different characters. The first is Ryu, a familiar character from the previous two versions. Next are Ken and Alex, two boxers from the United States. Ken currently holds the championship in the US, and Alex is the main character. Dudley is an English boxer with an elegant appearance, and Elena, Kenya’s Princess. Ibuki and Oro are two Japanese boxers, Ibuki is a female ninja, and Oro is a mysterious hermit (he is looking for the heir). Sean is Ken’s apprentice, and he is a Japanese Brazilian. Necro is a Russian boxer and is to revenge. Finally, Yun and Yang are twin brothers, they are from Hong Kong and are masters of kung-fu.

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