[Nintendo] Super Pitfall

Super Pitfall
Full nameSuper Pitfall
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Region Japan Japan
Console Nintendo (Download Emulator)

With obstacle challengings and the player’s agile reflexes, Pitfall! is a unique platform game of Activision that players cannot ignore. It was available by this manufacturer for Atari 2600 on April 20, 1982 for North America.

The main character is Pitfall Harry, and the player will control him to collect valuable treasures in a vast forest with many obstacles along the way. Besides, the highlight is that it has a limited time, 20 minutes. During this time, players have to quickly collect 32 different treasures to end the game. In addition, each will correspond to the certain reward points, 1000 points, 2000 points or 5000 points. In case players collect 32 treasures within the allowed time, the player’s score is 114,000.

However, it is difficult for players to achieve this maximum score due to the pitfalls along the way. In particular, when you encounter a trap such as a log or fall into a pit, you will be deducted (100 points). The traps are prepared, including sand, crocodile lakes, fire traps, or logs that are rolling freely on the ground. To overcome obstacles and collect enough treasure in the required time, players can jog, jump into the air, or swing through different positions with vines found in the forest. Besides the limited time, the game also provides three lives to use. Life will be lost when the player falls into quicksand pits or crocodile lakes.

Besides moving on the ground in the forest, manufacturers also bring some tunnels in certain areas. Players can enter them by using a ladder which is shown on the screen. When traveling by tunnel, the player will get an advantage to access the treasures’s location faster than walking. However, not all tunnels lead to locations containing treasures. Some others are designed in the form of traps, which will cause players to go to dead ends and force them to return. That makes players lose time and difficult to complete the game in 20 minutes. Besides, there is a scorpion in the tunnel. If it attacks you, you will lose a life. The game will stop after you use all the provided three lives.

Pitfall! has designed with a simple image and limited colors. However, these images and colors are relatively easy to see. Besides, the character has a stable dynamic story.

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