[Nintendo] The Addams Family

The Addams Family
Full nameAddams Family, The
File size114.2KB
Genre Platform
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo (Download Emulator)

The Addams Family is an entertaining game that was available by Ocean Software in 1993. The Addams family’s house is controlled by lawyer Tully Alford. He bases on the building’s design and detains Gomez’s relatives. The game revolves around Gomez Addams on the journey to find his family members.

Basically, players will control Gomez to go to many rooms in the building and search for his relatives. He strolled around the family garden and discovered something strange. The trees turned into cannibal and constantly was towards Gomez. He moved quickly into the building and saw that the house’s structure had been changed. Gomez passed several stages corresponding to rooms to search for his family. He entered the first room with a maze. Gomez has a room’s map to convenient to the moving. His goal was to escape the room through the emergency exit at the top of the room. His relatives were held behind the emergency door. With his high-jump skill, Gomez moved to higher areas to avoid enemy attacks. He collected many items in the maze to support his fighting ability.

The challenge gets harder and harder as more obstacles have in the next room to stop Gomez. Enemies are large monsters and bosses at the end of the stage. Gomez will destroy enemies by jumping on their heads. He collects many items such as shoes, armor, and weapons. Wearing a pair of shoes will have different experiences. Armor and weapons are always brought by Gomez to fight the enemy. Caves in the next stage contain many mysteries. Gomez has to jump through holes to avoid falling into the flowing lava. Gomez feels difficult not only the terrain but also many ghosts with the ability to freeze in a short time. His goal is to grab a large egg that appears at the end of the cave and rescue his relatives. The last mission is unlocked after the Gomez family is reunited and searches for Alford’s hiding place. However, he is lucky to survive in the battle. The final battle takes place between Alford and Gomez to help Gomez get revenge and officially fire Alford from his house.

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