[Nintendo] The Adventures Of Captain Comic

The Adventures Of Captain Comic
Full nameAdventures Of Captain Comic, The
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Console Nintendo (Download Emulator)

The Adventures of Captain Comic was published by Color Dreams on NES in 1988. The challenge will focus on Captain Comic’s journey to collect three ancient treasures. Each will be hidden in a separate area, and Captain has to overcome the complex terrain to complete the challenge. Captain’s mission will take place on a fictional planet, and it’s Tambi. The three artifacts are Crown of the Ages, Mystical Gems of Lascorbanos, and Thousand Coins of Tenure.

In The Adventures of Captain Comic, the main character has a health measuring system and a certain number of lives to perform. Besides, the game also provides a system of diverse support items to use. Players will participate in the challenge under a level system, and each has different terrains to challenge the player’s skillful control. The terrain will be constantly changing, and their complexity will increase gradually with each level.

In the level, players will face many enemies (brave bird, bug eyes, blind toad …) and pitfalls. Each collision with the enemy will cause you to lose two health points. Falling into the trap will cause you to remove one life. At the beginning, Captain has four lives and 12 health points (shown in the form of a shield). After each health point is deducted, players can recover health by collecting shields along the way. In case your health points have been fully charged, and you gain one shield, the game will give you one life. In addition, players can also collect an extra life after accumulating enough 50,000 points (bonus points accumulated from destroying enemies). Unlike games with the same content, exploring levels will not be in limited time. The players can freely explore many different areas in a level. The lack of limited time also allows players to focus on destroying enemies. It helps players achieve many outstanding achievements. To fight enemies and overcome complex terrain, Captain Comic will have to collect some support items such as Blastola Cola, Teleport Wand, Latern, Door key …

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